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Massage Journey

A complete top to toe relaxation journey, incorporating scalp massage, face massage, stretches and body massage that replicates the movement of the sea combining both gentle and stimulating movements. The ultimate luxury treatment to relieve aches and pains tailored to individual needs. 


90 min - 490 AED


Choose from: 

Uplift - Angelicus Serratus 

Relax- Mindful Moments 

Muscle - Ginger Chai 

Amethyst Stone Massage

Having regular Well-being Massages is one of the most profound ways to bring Balance back into our lives… We invite you on a new journey of discovery to Process, Heal Negative Emotions, Remove Blockages, as well as Clear and Balance the Energetic System with our Harmony Massage, using Amethyst stones & infused Oils, known for its powers to stimulate the engagement of the positive energy flow.
90 min - 520AED

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